After years of planning and producing over 150 weddings and events in Northern/Southern California, Italy and beyond, we at Modest Peach realize how much of a treasure hunt it is to find unique pieces for discerning clients. We're tirelessly working with production companies, both local and overseas, to help us create custom pieces and source products not found in stores.

We know how much of a difference certain pieces play a role in creating the finishing touches to a perfect event, and want to provide these products to others who are putting on their own special event. Whether it be a wedding, bridal shower, intimate gathering or dinner party, the possibilities are endless!

We have been blessed to have many individuals in the industry support and motivate us to create Modest Peach—a boutique specialty rental company specializing in stands, candle holders, vessels and many other custom pieces for your special event.

Browse our site, shoot us an email, give us a ring or all of the above and let Modest Peach be a part of your special event.

Currently serving all of Southern California.